There are countless colours to choose from when it comes to painting. These colours all hold their own separate feeling, and even if you have a set colour in mind it may look different the moment you apply it. Knowing where to begin will help to narrow it down, but not by much. A lot of people get stuck at this portion when it comes to choosing colours. Homeowners are especially picky, since choosing the wrong colour can lead to an expensive repainting. And what works for one room may throw off another rooms colour. Finding the right balance in room to room colours takes skill and a creative mind and generations of experience. Choosing the right colour for the inside of the home and having a gaudy outside will lead many visitors to a short term shock.

There are many resources online and available through brick and mortar locations that will provide you with the necessary information to choose the right colour. But we also want you to feel comfortable with us, and you’ll always have access to our free colour consultancy* when you need that extra help. Choosing colours for your project can be a very personal thing, and if there are other renovations taking place from other companies, having everyone coordinated helps you to make the right decision. *conditions apply

  • Always start small if you don’t know where to begin with a colour
  • Consider the mood of the room and what colour represents it best
  • Lighting is just as important as the mood so don’t neglect to factor it in
  • Learning colour terms like saturation and intensity will narrow down unique colours
  • Walk room to room to see how the colours transition from one to the next
  • Use a colour wheel if one is available or print one out for reference
  • Learn to combine colours to get the best of both worlds

Some other helpful things to try is take a look at the room first and then begin to choose your colour. Choosing the colour first will only limit what you can do with other decorations rather than enhance the current project. At Bakers Brothers Master Painters Brisbane, we can help you to avoid that mistake and more. Our professional painters can even guide you through the colour wheel to find a single colour, or a mix of colours that you may have never considered. It’s all about options with us, and we feel if the customer has some good options to start out with, then they will feel more comfortable moving forward with the project. We can give you even more tips on your project including finishes, decorative ideas and general room tips. No matter what colour you choose, your interior and exterior will be a work of art with our guidance.

Use these colour guide links below to discover unique colour combinations, trends and styles to help bring your next project to life!