We deliver fast, cost-effective painting services for rentals and investment properties in the Brisbane area. As a landlord, it is important to maintain your investment property in order to maximise value and minimise vacancy periods. A fresh coat of paint can greatly improve the overall appearance of your rental and will help to create a fresh, welcoming feel for your tenants.

Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane specialises in interior and exterior house painting and can complete maintenance jobs quickly and cost-effectively. We are experienced in working with property managers and can work around inspection and lease periods in order to minimise the impact on your tenants and ensure your property is not vacant unnecessarily.

Rental and investment property should hold its value, but that value can rapidly decline if it is not kept up. Just like regular property, low upkeep of a rental or investment will lead to lost money and value. Our company will raise those values again by working with property managers and owners to set up a schedule, and bring your investment back to its value.

The hardest part about jobs like these is the possible disruption and myth about high prices. Neither is true, and our years in the business can put those myths to rest. Our teams overall commitment to excellence with painting, coatings, and wall coverings will show a one of a kind efficiency. And this is all done during normal hours if needed, without causing a disruption in your properties day to day activities. For properties that are stricter on time and need us to stay out of sight, that isn’t a problem. We will always work on your clock to get work done, and with little effect to the actual project time. The conduct of our workers in front of your tenants or guests is always professional, as they make it a point to uphold the company’s strong reputation. Besides always arriving on time, their strong work ethic will resonate with your guests and show them how much your property is really worth.

The quotation is always free, and is another reason why people turn to us when they want to upgrade their rentals.

The second part of the myth is that cost is too high, which just isn’t true anymore. Besides being one of the most competitive in price painting companies in Brisbane, there are a lot of variables that go into the final cost. This is why the initial quotation will give you a good figure, but the final figure will come from a physical walk-through. No surprises for either side will equal no surprise costs. The quotation is always free, and is another reason why people turn to us when they want to upgrade their rentals. Potential clients feel comfortable with our no obligation quotations, and love the way our schedules can match their requirements.

So for a professional, expert, hard-working company that knows how to treat rentals, Baker Brothers Master Painters finishes first. We are always available to take your information and look forward to answering all of your questions. Don’t let your rental go to waste, and let us do all of the hard work!