Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane has been offering quality interior house painting services in the Brisbane area for decades. We understand that your home is your castle and that everything needs to be ‘just right’. We love being involved in home makeovers and witnessing the transformations that can take place with a change of colour. We take care to freshly prepare your home’s surfaces, including filling cracks, sealing water marks and repairing peeling paint, to ensure a consistent, quality finish that will turn back the hands of time and leave your home looking like new and modern.

Several decades of service has solidified our place in the market as leaders in the painting industry. Residential users choose our company to revamp their interior, room to room, and make it fit a theme of their choosing. Having the right theme is essential to making each room effective.

A baby’s room could have a colour that symbolises calmness, with light colours and a single accent wall for decoration. The part with interior decorating that creates the most problem is transitioning from the baby’s room to another room in the home. Colours that flow seamlessly can make a big difference in how people perceive your home. While colour clashing is the biggest worry of one home user, fading paint and cracks is the bane of another.

Old homes and new homes alike suffer from the same problems with paint either being cheap, worn, or there being cracks in the wall. Patching up the holes and cracks won’t solve the issues with the fading colours, and that’s where our team of experts come in. Baker Brothers Master Painters can bring the colour back into your home and make it exactly like it was years ago. It isn’t a magic trick, but merely hard work from our team of professional painters that know how to get the best out of your home.

By calling us and getting a quotation you’ll be one step closer to bringing back the value of your home. We are quick to get in contact, and we’re even quicker when you assign us a deadline to meet. Your budget can be as flexible as our schedule, so if you feel you have a lot of extra stuff to add, don’t be afraid to let us know. With enough time, we can completely transform a room in your home to look exactly the way you want imagined.

Our painting experts know what they’re doing, and they have the equipment to back it up.

Our reputation is strong within the community when it comes to attention to detail and completion time. A one of a kind space can be yours, and all it takes is putting in a quote. And after the success of our interior work, make sure to contact us for exterior work! This is a great option for customers that plan on selling their home and want to add some extra value to it. Customer service is part of what we do, and you’ll be happy with your decision of choosing us.