Our experienced Brisbane painting team will deliver a professional feature or accent wall that perfectly suits your home’s overall aesthetic but stands out for the right reasons.

An accent wall by its definition is meant to stand out, but yet compliment the other walls in the room. It is a bold design statement that takes skilled, professional painters to really bring out. There are many different ideas when it comes to accent walls, and this is a great way for our customers to get creative with their home. Accent walls start with choosing the right paint colour, and you can use anything from a known colour or a new colour. Some customers choose a colour from their favourite piece or art, pillow, or even food. From there it is all about making sure it works with the current wall colour. This will be the tricky part, and if you find yourself having trouble, feel free to bounce ideas off of our painters to find a middle ground.

Accent walls are the easiest way to accent an entire room. Think of your accent wall as the work of art of your own creation, there to grab the attention of anyone who enters. But accent walls, and accents of any kind can be fabulous in style but in the wrong place. We will make sure that whatever accents you want to add are put in the correct place and stand out for the right reasons rather than the wrong. There are still many more decisions involved in the completion of painting accents and features, so having experienced painters from our company on standby will help with the entire process.

Baker Brothers Master Painting Brisbane will guide you through the entire project for accent and feature ideas. Our painters are workers and artists, and can always provide specific insight into any idea you have. With a good set of creative flow you can turn any room in your house into a masterpiece, and all without breaking the bank. Our painters will follow your lead to create your perfect masterpiece, and within the time-frame you set for the project.

With our company you have all of the tools necessary to turn the normal into something truly fabulous.

Whether you want to brighten a room, make a bold statement, enhance a design or simply set off photographs of friends and family members, Baker Brothers Master Painters can provide quality feature and accent painting services for any room in your home. We can help you choose a colour and finish that will help to visually enlarge or shrink a room, or to pull together all the elements of a particular room’s design.