We provide durable, cost-effective and attractive solutions for your exterior house painting needs, and work hard to take the hassle out of having your home painted. The materials used in our premium painting service meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications, which ensures the quality and longevity of your paintwork. With generations of expertise in the Brisbane area, we specialise in delivering durable exterior house painting that is suited to warm climates and homes that are on or near the water.

The exterior of your home will tell everyone exactly what they need to know about the inside. If it looks old and outdated, they will make a similar assumption about the inside. If your house used to be the best on the block but now it seems to be outdated, then it could be time for a touch up using our services. We can put the life back into your home that made it catch your eye on the first day you purchased it. And we don’t just stop at touching up the exterior, we can do an entire exterior makeover!

Whether it is a Queenslander, brick, a stucco house or even just painting the weatherboards, Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane know exactly what to do to bring the greatness out of your home. Our top rated painters will even provide some custom ideas that will win you over if you’re starved for inspiration.

  • Power or hand washing dirt and mildew
  • Surface preparation that will get rid of all loose paint and caulk all gaps
  • Lead Test (if needed)
  • A superior paint job with only top brand name paint
  • Daily cleanup and a general sweeping of the area where we worked
  • A final walk through with the client to make sure that both sides are happy

With a good painting company you can expect no corners to be cut.

The reason we clean before we paint is because new paint sticks better to a clean surface. To get the best out of the high quality materials we use, setting a surface up first is always necessary. Any other option would be a waste of good paint, and a complete waste of your time. Our preparation methods are precise, and our work areas are clean during and after we finish working. No hazardous materials are left hanging around, and it is a good way to feel protected while we’re working to know that our team watches the work area carefully.

With the many options for colours, choosing the wrong exterior colour can severely clash with the interior colours of your house. For those that are seeking advice, we have a free colour consultancy* where you will get easy help in choosing colour schemes that fit what you’re trying to express. Your home will blend with your vision, and our company will be happy to be the ones to provide that happiness. You will walk away with a guarantee that will last for years, and a house that is now worth a lot more!

*conditions apply