Has your Brisbane property seen better days?  Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane has extensive painting, maintenance, and repair experience to have you covered. No job is too big or too small!

You always want your property to look great, even when it becomes a hassle. And when you walk into a freshly painted facility, you get a serious feeling of accomplishment. It’s always money well spent when you update a facility, and no matter its purpose the value skyrockets.

First impressions just don’t apply to places of business, it applies to everything. If your facility’s purpose is to get people to enter, then you’re going to have a hard time getting them in if the outside is not updated. And even when they’re in, water damage, chipped paint, and other unsightly visuals can send them right back out the door.

Baker Brothers Master Painters is flexible with time, and with the quote. Whether you need something simple like a touch up or something big like change of colour, we’ll be the company you can trust to do it right. Our professional painters practice discretion when doing work, so if business is coming in and out of the facility, they won’t be disturbed by our team. We prepare the area and put warning signs for wet paint so we can work quickly and effectively.

Our company has nurtured long relationships with our customers because we choose to do the job right the first time.

Our customer satisfaction ratio is high and keeps climbing, and it isn’t just because we arrive on time! Customers feel at ease knowing their property is well taken care of, and that even the smallest of details will get taken care of by our staff. We are as perfect a fit for a small job as we are for a large job.

All of our equipment and paint is top grade, and our painters are great to bounce ideas off of. All of our painters are trained, professional tradespeople and know how to do their jobs. By preserving structures in your environment we upgrade the life-cycle of the entire building. In some cases the savings are substantial due to our hard work, as even light maintenance has huge benefits to a property. Our company can also spot irregularities while working and point it out to you if it falls out of our expertise. This can be the key ingredient to deciding to move forward with a project, and could change the entire scope of it.

General Maintenance & Water Damage Repair

From a water damaged ceiling in a bathroom to any water damage sustained throughout a property, Baker Brothers Master Painters has you covered with decades of experience in painting, maintenance, and repairs. There is no job too big or too small. We also paint and repair exterior work due to hail damage, chips on steps or just general wear and tear.

Baker Brothers Master Painters will assess your requirements and put together a free quote for any painting maintenance, including any water damage.