Before a person walks into a Brisbane retail store they will judge it by its outside appearance. This goes for smaller stores to even bigger multi-billion dollar chains. From the outside appearance a customer will make the choice of whether the store is worth their time, or if they would be better off going somewhere else. Imagine this situation playing out through an entire business day, and imagine the amount of money you’d lose from customers that walk off. It’s impossible to not judge a book by its cover when money is involved, so first impressions with business establishments mean a lot. Statistics show that 30 seconds or less is how long it takes a customer to form an opinion about a business establishment. If the interior of your store looks as dull as the exterior, what is to keep them from having negative feelings and getting a tight wallet?

The appeal of your store and not just your products should be what drives a customer to shop in your establishment. Our retail painting team will make sure that both the inside and the outside of your retail store sends the message that you’re ready to sell. Don’t let an unprofessional or unappealing look ruin your customer’s experience, and instead use us to come up with a plan that will skyrocket your sales.

Not only can we make your retail store stand out, but we can do it on even your busiest of days without affecting your business! This is what Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane is good at, and the fun part about our service is that your customers will see you’re willing to improve your store for the better.

Seeing workers being productive in and outside of your establishment will put a sense of good will within your shoppers, as they see you strive for quality as much as they do.

And if you want to keep the work down to a minimum during your busy hours, we offer flexible scheduling that can work around your peak times. This is all provided at a reasonable cost that will leave years of lasting effects to your business. We can take on repairing of minor cracks and holes, painting accent walls and painting of vertical structures and more!

As experienced retail painters, we specialise in interior and exterior work on commercial buildings and shopping centres in the greater Brisbane area. We are experienced in the use of booms, scaffolds and scissor lifts to access high areas. We are also experienced in coordinating projects and liaising with a range of stakeholders and suppliers. As professionals, we maintain quiet work-spaces and can complete our work with minimal disruption to you, your staff, clients and the general public. We actively monitor our workplaces for OH&S requirements and minimise fumes wherever possible.

Baker Brothers Master Painters also offer after hours, weekends and night work as we understand the importance of flexibility to suit your schedule or business.