All Brisbane Body Corporate painting works are carried out with full consideration for residents and guests of the village complex, and in accordance with the working hours set by management. Paint/workers above signs will be set in place and removed at the end of each day, and all work spaces will be secured, kept clean and left tidy to ensure minimal disruption to residents.

A lot of times workers do such a good job that they are known by their names. This has been the case many times with our Brisbane painters who receive numerous compliments from happy clients. Multi-room painting in village complexes requires specific work, in particular areas in order to meet demand. And when those areas are as important as the living room, hall way, laundry room and dining room, you can only expect the best. Our workers are also happy to answer any questions you have and verify work when needed, something that is important for the customer satisfaction portion of the job. When the work is verified after painting, the simple walk through can make sure that both sides are on the same page when it comes to the scope of the painting project.

The reason that Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane excels at what we do is because we question our work even more than the customer. We’re hard on ourselves, as we have a reputation to uphold and maintain. In special situations where we have to work around people present, our workers are as unobtrusive as possible. We will diligently work hard and not disturb your daily routines while painting, letting you live out your day without worrying about the work being done.

Something that our customers mention is how we’re always on time and keep in constant communication.

Often in big jobs like village complexes, communication can break down and what the customer wants is lost in translation. Constant communication minimises this so it isn’t a risk at all, and by touching base with you we can guarantee our seal of approval.

A concern that is brought to us from time to time is the age of the property and how it will hold up to the new paint job. Not only will we touch it up to look recent, but when customers pass by your village complex, they will swear it was the original paint. Our expert workers know how to work with older properties, and in the case where there are areas that need special attention, we are able to provide it. Our paint will be even toned, and we will work hard to provide you with the necessary information to decide the best course of action during the entire process.

Along with full exteriors, our village complex painting services include the interior of stairwells, foyers, lobbies, common areas, balcony metal railings and privacy screens, and extend to rust treatments and water damage repair. We can provide scaffolding if needed. We also offer a free colour consultancy* to help you select the right colours and materials for your complex. *Conditions apply