When you’re looking for help in Brisbane unit block painting, we can be your one stop shop for a full range of services covering body corporate painting. Fast service will be the final touch of our product, with results that you can immediately see. Our painting services can even cover larger residential unit blocks just as well as it can cover smaller ones. There is never a worry about a job too big, because we have never come across a job that Baker Brothers Master Painters couldn’t handle.

The equipment in our arsenal is the latest in the industry, and is handled by a team of trained, professional painters that know their stuff inside and out. Efficiency is something we specialise in, and our company has even handled new construction and repainting.

Maintaining the pristine look of a property is where the bulk of our success comes in this area. Aesthetics can mean everything to an office building or multi-unit residential property. So when the look begins to fade, it dramatically changes the way people look at your area. Our company can provide routine and regular repainting to keep your area looking its best.  Unit block painting services are the best resource to turn to when you need to make the exterior and interior of your property look as inviting as possible. Once again, one size equals all when it comes to our services. We can handle all property sizes, and just like there is no job too big, there is no job too small. Baker Brothers Master Painters are here to help you meet your own personal goals and ensure your property is as great as you want it to be.

Efficiency is something we specialise in.

Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane has a wealth of experience in painting single-story and multi-story dwellings. We have the technical knowledge and skill required to deliver consistent, high quality interior and exterior paintwork across developments, including unit blocks of any size. Our unit block painting services include full exteriors, the interior of stairwells, foyers, lobbies, common areas, balcony metal railings and privacy screens, and extend to rust treatments and water damage repair.

We’re always standing by to assist you and waiting to hear the details of your project. There are no two jobs that will be alike when it comes to painting, and it is something that our company understands from the very start. Your project is unique to us so our ultimate goal is to tailor it to your specific needs. Our stress-free presence will always ensure that the very best care is taken when using our equipment on your property. By making it easier for you, the job goes smoothly, and for future reference you’ll have a Brisbane house painting company you can depend on for quick, reliable work. By earning your trust, we can develop a long lasting relationship between both sides that is mutually beneficial when it comes to the best painting services available.