There?s just something beautiful about a Queenslander Home. It could be the way they remind us of a simpler time, or perhaps their natural character, or even the level of detail throughout. At Bakers Bro?s we do our fair share of painting restorations for Queenslanders in the Brisbane Area and we can certainly confirm that there?s nothing quite like seeing them come back to life with a lick of paint.

Queenslanders need a fair bit of love, especially when it comes to painting. The secret here is patience and attention to detail. Baker Bros Painters are somewhat perfectionists when it comes to painting Brisbane Queenslanders and we pride ourselves on getting the job done right.

This North Brisbane Queenslander in Clayfield was no exception. Completed on time and of course to the high standard that Baker Bros have become known for. The owners chose an antique white with muted grey/ navy trims to accent.

At Baker Bros, We Love Painting Brisbane Queenslanders

Originally Queenslanders were built to make the most of the weather or avoid it as the case may be. Placed on high ?stumps? ensured that in case of tropical flooding the house stayed out of harm?s way, whilst also allowing the passage of air to flow and cool down the house literally from the floor up. These grand old ladies dot the Brisbane Suburbs in various conditions and we are passionate about giving them the love they deserve if you live in the Brisbane Region and would love to see your Queenslander brought back to life, make sure you get in touch today!