Whether you live in Queensland or the Southern States painting in the cooler months is a longer time-consuming project. Temperature has a huge impact on painting and drying times and often it comes down to the type of paint – gloss, waterbased or oil, and definitely whether you’re tackling an exterior painting job or an interior one. It’s also highly recommended that any Doors or Windows just painted be left open for at least 12-24 hours to lessen the likelihood of sticking – if don’t like the cold than you might want to put the project off.

What’s Ideal Weather for Painting?

Air temperature will affect the surface temperature of what you’re painting, whether that’s walls, trims, windows or anything else. As a general rule temperature should be no less than 10C and no more than 35’c with a relative humidity between 40-70%. There’s some pretty loose painting advice that even our Baker Brother professional’s don’t ignore – “If you wouldn’t hang the clothes out to dry or wash the car outside then don’t paint.”

TIP: The ideal painting day has a temperature range of 22C -27C and a relative humidity between 40-70%.

What Happens If It’s too cold or too hot?

Simply put paint doesn’t cure as well in the cooler months, which can lead to a number of problems not least of all having to redo the project sooner and in some cases more bubbling and cracking. The other important factor is of course sunlight – in Winter you have less of it, so you will need to factor in drying while the sun is still out to avoid dew points that will most certainly have undesirable?side effects on your paint ob especially peeling. In most cases, if you’re doing a DIY paint job it may be worth putting it off until?you can be assured of better weather.

TIP: Hiring a professional painter means you’re getting the best result and years of experience that has taught us how to achieve the results you want with seasonal weather in mind.

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