Are you looking at doing some DIY painting work but not too sure if you can achieve a good quality finish or actually save money?

While some people prefer DIY painting because of cost-savings and the satisfaction of having done the job with their own two hands. Unfortunately many people are time-poor due to work and family responsibilities which leads to lifestyle sacrifices in order to complete that painting project.

With a professional trade painter from Baker Bros. Master Painters Brisbane, the big benefit is an excellent, professional finish to all painting surfaces in far less time than DIY projects take, saving you much time and stress.

Baker Bros. Master Painters do all the running around for you, sourcing the paint, materials needed and advice on paint colour choices. Our professional trade painters will do a painting job that is much more detailed and the end result will be a much cleaner and professional painting job. It really comes down to experience and at Baker Bros. Master Painters, having been in the painting industry for generations, you can be assured of a professional, stress free painting project.


All Premium Paint included in Price

Not enough paint and you are back to the paint store, too much paint means more cost and more waste.

All Materials included in Price

You will need to find the right ladders for the job, purchasing the right brushes, drop sheets, mixing equipment, rags, taping, etc.

Professional Colour Consultancy included in Price*

Trying to guess if these colours match and go with each other can be very time consuming and stressful.


When a project may take us two weeks to complete, DIY’ers could be months. Professional Painters do not need to tape around windows, doors etc. to obtain a professional finish.

Painting projects could take many months to finish with only limited hours each day or weekends to do them in, causing continual disruption and paint odour fumes. Many DIY’ers will need to tape around windows and doors to obtain a good finish, again taking much valuable time and effort.

Cleaning and Moving Furniture

We will move your furniture for you to gain access and we will put it back the way it was. We will leave your premises tidy and clean each day.

You will need someone with you to move heavy furniture around. You have been painting all day and now it is time to clean up, very exhausting.

Professional Final Inspections

Our Supervisor will meet with you on-site and go through all the required painting works are to your satisfaction and will touch-up anything that we may have missed.

You own inspection of your own painting works could miss things, causing you unnecessary extra time and maybe extra paint costs to touch-up anything missed.

Guarantee on Workmanship

As a Professional Painting Company, we guarantee our Workmanship.

There is no guarantee offered when doing DIY painting works.

*Only available where stated and on acceptance of a Quotation.