Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Services

Whether you operate a retail store, professional office or large warehouse, our broad range of Brisbane commercial painting services will keep your business premises looking smart and appealing.

Our office painting services focuses on finding the right colour for the project. The way your office looks visually will say a lot about your business. Our company gives you the freedom to find the best colour for the job, or you can consult with our team of professional painters or free colour consultancy to help you through the process. Both our interior and exterior office painting will be a cut above the rest, giving you a result that you will remember for life.

Potential customers will walk past a retail store that does not represent itself well from the exterior. This is a said truth, that retail stores depend as heavily on their exterior appearance as they do on their prices and stock. In order to not lose customers at the door, giving your retail store a face-lift with our painting services could really change what people think about your business.

Warehouse painting services can be difficult for less experienced painting companies due to the heavy amount of traffic during work hours. That heavy amount of traffic can also take a toll on the interior and exterior of the building. Our workers are skilled enough to not only touch everything up without disturbing your workforce, but it will be done according to the specifications you set. Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane will work speedily and efficiently without affecting your bottom line.

The hospitality industry is all about keeping up appearances, so if you’re a pub, club, or restaurant it is a lot to have on your plate. Our top quality services are here to make sure that the beauty of your property reflects who you really are as a company. We work quietly and quickly without disturbing your current guests. If you feel that your area is lacking or dull, let us bring it to life again.

That first impression when it comes to a hotel can be everything, so it is important to get it right the first time. We are considered a top painting source for hotels and motels in the Brisbane area. We can even refurbish older areas in your property and make them look brand new and modern again. Customers appreciate personal touches, and we aim to provide that and more!

Understanding the importance of the layout of a school or church is one of the many reasons that we won’t have any troubles with your project. We specialise in buildings where there are high ceilings, and we are professionals at our job when it comes to applying detailed finishes. Our trained, professional painters will find all of the little things to make the job perfect so that you’re satisfied with the final product.

What we provide is a painting service that will put you in a position to be proud of the school or church. Don’t let the small things with appearance prevent people from seeing the incredible service you have to offer them.

Office Painters

We use durable, high-quality paint that reduces the frequency of maintenance painting. As specialists in office and commercial painting, we can minimise the disruption to your business without compromising the result.

Retail Painters

As commercial painters we are fully experienced in managing interior and exterior commercial painting projects and liaising with a range of stakeholders and suppliers.

Warehouse Painters

We have the skills and expertise required to tackle large-scale commercial painting projects, including warehouses and factories.

Hospitality Painters

We offer a wide range of specialist painting services to the hospitality industry, working on restaurants, pubs, clubs, fast food outlets and more.

Hotels & Motels Painters

Our hotel and motel painters work across the Brisbane area and will happily complete projects at whatever time best suits your occupancy levels.

Schools & Churches Painters

We paint the interior and exterior of schools, colleges and churches, and are experienced in maintaining unique architecture.


Our Other Painting Services

Residential Painters

High quality, professional house painters you can trust to get the job done giving you peace of mind.

Body Corporate Painters

Reliable body corporate painting services for building managers, landlords and residents.

Maintenance Painting

We have a comprehensive range of specialised painting services and maintenance painting options.

How can we help?

If you would like more information or require a free quote or assistance. Please use visit our request a quote page or contact us and one of our friendly staff will be able to help.