Reliable Office Painting Services

Baker Brothers Master Painters has extensive experience in Brisbane office painting. We use durable, high-quality paint that reduces the frequency of maintenance, and as specialists in office and commercial painting we can minimise disruption to your business without compromising the result. We handle any type of Brisbane office painting or commercial painting work: whether it’s large volume work at short notice, fine detailed brushwork, maintenance painting or the sort of paint job that can’t be allowed to interfere with a normal production process, Baker Brothers Master Painters has the necessary skills and experience.

We do jobs of any scale, at any time (including weekends), anywhere in the greater Brisbane area, Northside, Southside, Western or Eastern suburbs. We’re also proud to have established ongoing painting contracts with large corporations and government departments, as well as many small businesses. Whether it’s a small office painting job, an insurance painting job, an entire government department or simply a free quotation to help you consider your options, Baker Brothers Master Painters are your trusted Brisbane painters.

How your office looks can have a positive or negative effect on your workers for all professionals. Make sure the atmosphere at your company represents all who decide to work for you, as new employees take into consideration the look of the office as one of the deciding reasons to sign on. Having an office that looks old, drab or lifeless will give off the wrong impression to new recruits. They will look at the surroundings and think the company is run a certain way when it isn’t. The employees that work there will dread going into work, as looking at the same boring walls day in and out wears on anyone. The worst of it is when you have business to business meetings, and the furniture is new and polished to the point that it detracts from the old paint on the walls.

So if you want to transform your office into something that is top notch, contact Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane and get a free quotation. Our professional painters can even go through various colours that are proven to liven up the office environment so that it looks welcome to everyone entering. The colours you choose for your office are very important, and is something that employees, businesses, and even the general public see and rate on a daily basis.

Painting done right will take your current setting and give you something that you’re proud of. And if you’re set with your current setup, touching up the old paint can bring the magic back. Office painting is not as complex a project as one might think if you choose the right company. Your work environment won’t be disturbed, and our professional painters excel at working at a fast pace and getting proven results. Our special brand of painting will get the job done timely and in a coordinated manner. All of these qualities are exclusive to our company, and we have generations of experience in business to back up that reputation.