Reliable Exterior House Painting Services

The first thing people will see when they visit your home is the exterior painting, as it leaves a lasting impression on anyone walking by your house or even before they enter. You can have the greatest interior in the world, but without an exterior to match its excellence you’re missing out on half of the battle. A great house should have curb appeal, and will have a dramatic effect on how people view your home. A new paint job can dramatically change the look of a house, making it unrecognisable even to its owners. This leads to further upgrades and development that may not have been on the table before. In fact, you’d be surprised with what a new paint job could do for the creative juices of an owner.

Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane provide durable, cost-effective and attractive solutions for your exterior house painting needs, and works hard to take the hassle out of having your home painted. Over the years, many beautiful Queenslanders have been transformed and updated by our qualified house painters Brisbane. The materials used in our premium service meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications, which ensures the quality and longevity of your paintwork. With generations of painting expertise in the Brisbane region, we specialise in delivering durable exterior house painting that is suited to warm climates and homes that are on or near the water.

So why should you choose Baker Brothers Master Painters? Judging from our past work, our customers appreciate us for how we make them feel, which shows in the final projects quality. A confident homeowner will only let the best painting team near their home, and we are going to be your top choice in that regard. Our solution-oriented team will always tailor the project to your needs, as we are committed to the customer first and foremost. Our testimonials and rave reviews are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to judging us on the surface. Our portfolio is stacked with great ideas, and some that may inspire you to change your own personal project.

Our long range of exterior painting services makes us the best Brisbane house painters, and here’s why:

  • Green Painting for the eco conscious customer
  • Pressure washing by our team of professional painters
  • Deck & fence repair and retouches
  • Filling of light to medium cracks and holes
  • Exterior solid stains and paint primers

We will deliver a high quality finish and leave your home in the best shape that it’s ever been in. Our work will last for years so that you can come home every day and be proud of the exterior of your home, as it looks brand new and modern. If you’ve had troubles with other painting companies, give us a try. Our professional painters are continuously trained to meet modern standards, something that comes in handy for the more complex project. Our guarantees are solid and we stand by them on each completed project for exterior house painting. So for the best headache free customer service experience, Baker Brothers Master Painters should be your go to painting service.