Townhouse Painting Services

At Baker Bros. Master Painters we have undertaken a range of major Brisbane townhouse painting projects, including updating a complex of more than 100 townhouses with a contemporary colour scheme. Our townhouse painting services include a free colour consultant, full exteriors, the interior of stairwells, foyers, lobbies, common areas, balcony metal railings and privacy screens, and extend to rust treatments and water damage repair. For all townhouse painting works we wash the building down thoroughly, removing all pollution, dirt, dust, mold, mildew and other surface contaminants.

All painting will follow specification guidelines, with only trade-qualified personnel undertaking tasks and a supervisor on site at all times. All townhouse painting works are carried out with full consideration for residents and guests of the complex and in accordance with the working hours set by management.

Our services for townhouses will blow you away:

  • Interior painting of walls and trim, ceilings, entryways, hallways and stairwells
  • Full exterior painting of render, stucco, block and cement board and all substrates
  • Painting of multiple doors so that they are all coordinated
  • Vertical structure painting and handling where access would be difficult
  • Whole facility repaints
  • Patching of crack repairs
  • Washing down of the buildings and walkways

The most logical choice when it comes to Townhouse painting is Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane. We are the best managed property solution that you can get, and have countless high rated projects in our portfolio. Our painting services are superior, and our workers have respect for the privacy of the property managers, residents and owners of your managed properties. This high respect will lead to a more efficient project no matter what the scope or size.

Some clients will worry that coming to us with a short notice project will be a big hassle. Not only are we ready, but we’ll outline a project that makes both sides happy while meeting your expectations to the fullest. Communication is a big part of why this works, and is one of the major things we are measured by. The many principles that we teach our workers teaches them to identify small things during a project that would go unnoticed by less skillful eyes. The unexpected can happen, but we’ll do our best to minimise the damage.

The usual guesswork with property painting can happen when there isn’t an organised plan in place. The way we avoid this is by drawing up a schedule containing cleaning, painting and maintenance duties. The requirements will be shown in the results, and through the entire project we’ll make sure to communicate its progress. Protocol is important when doing heavy work, especially when it is on your property. By adhering to local protocol and our own, we minimise any risk to our workers or your property. Our highly qualified and experienced painters won’t take any unnecessary risks that will put the contract in danger. This stable history of low-risk workers is another plus in the column of excellence for our company.