Body Corporate Painting Services

Body Corporate Painting Services

At Baker Brothers Master Painters Brisbane we understand that Body Corporate painting works are a significant undertaking. As a result, we offer a specialised Body Corporate painting service that gives all members and residents the confidence of knowing their investment will be well looked after. Baker Brothers Master Painters are proudly experienced in conducting successful body corporate painting projects across Brisbane, Northside, Southside, Western and Eastern Suburbs.

Townhouse Painters

Baker Brothers Master Painters have years of experience in major townhouse painting projects, from a three townhouse complex to a 100 townhouse complex, we will make your painting project run smoothly.

Apartment Painters

City or suburban apartment blocks, no apartment painting project is too big or too small.

Village Complex Painters

All Body Corporate painting works are carried out with full consideration for residents and guests of the complex.

Unit Block Painters

We work on single-storey and multi-storey buildings, including apartment blocks, units and townhouses.

Body corporate maintenance can take away precious time from a Brisbane business that has bigger obligations to tend to. The complex processes surrounding the painting services can often lead to confusion if not handled correctly. This is why we handle the small, and the big like tender procedures, quote comparisons, applications and more. Our assistance will let you handle your regular painting maintenance for multiple properties without worrying if it will be done correctly.

Workmanship and customer satisfaction go together in our book, and complement our many successful decades in the industry. The knowledge we possess means that problematic projects for other painting companies are no brainer tasks for us. There isn’t a single painting project problem that we haven’t seen and conquered with a solid team effort. Our equipment is always set and ready to go, and our materials carry known brand names so you know the quality is secure. We promise to deliver a finished project that will be exactly what you need or better. As we continue to have repeat clients, counting on our tailor made painting solutions will become second nature for you.

For all body corporate painting works we wash the complex down thoroughly, removing all pollution, dirt, dust, mold, mildew and other surface contaminants. All works are carried out with full consideration for residents and guests of the complex and in accordance with the working hours set by management. In addition, all works will be secured, kept clean and left tidy at the end of each day.

At Baker Brothers Master Painters our cost-effective but professional painting maintenance services will go above and beyond what you need for residential and commercial properties. You can expect us to handle whatever issue you have including:

  • Flexibility concerning Colour Consultants – Use ours or your own
  • Preparation and submission of tender
  • Logs and full specifications with paint finishes
  • A full walk-through of the appraisal process
  • Clean up of the area at the end of each day
  • Insurance and Maintenance painting
  • Second to none decorative finishes
  • And renovation services that are cost effective

We even take it a step further and offer additional services like graffiti removal, line markings and fireproof coatings in high volume areas like shopping centers. Our Company only use premium products to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. By working as a team we cause minimal disruption in the operation of your business without sacrificing quality of work.

Our guarantee with the finished services can be considered bulletproof, as you won’t be able to find an equal guarantee anywhere else. We stand by our work as a member of the Master Painters Association of Queensland and the Aussie Painters Network. Trust in our work, and you won’t be disappointed in the results.

Our Other Painting Services

Residential Painting

High quality, professional house painters you can trust to get the job done giving you peace of mind.

Commercial Painting

Keep your business premises looking smart and attractive with our commercial painting services.

Maintenance Painting

We have a comprehensive range of specialized painting services and maintenance painting options.

How can we help?

If you would like more information or require a free quote or assistance. Please use visit our request a quote page or contact us and one of our friendly staff will be able to help.