As Queenslanders and Brisbane locals we’re no stranger to the weather and as professional painters, we certainly know a thing or two about which season is the best time to paint. With spring officially sprung, we thought we’d gloss over why Spring is the best time to get started painting in Brisbane and in general the world over.

So, why is Spring the best time to paint?

Painting in Brisbane Weather

In a nutshell, the weather is optimal surfaces are dryer and the heat is far from overbearing. Brisbane days throughout spring have a lower relative humidity, are mild enough to not leave your average painter a sweating mess and in general offer the right condition for the paint to stick to the surface and dry slow enough to stay there without peeling. On top of that, you’re also getting significantly more daylight, always a bonus when you want to finish a job.

Selling your home, time to touch it up?

Historically spring is when the real estate market goes into fall swing. Many would be sellers have their house painted in early spring, in anticipation for a better market. Selling your Brisbane home in spring? Painting your house and or apartment is the way to get that extra wow factor and get the right price. If you find yourself pressed for time, getting the place ready, make sure you get in touch with Baker Bro’s master painters for an obligation free quote.

Outdoor entertainer? It starts now.

The average Brisbane temperature in September (overnight) is around 14C. In October it goes up to 16C by November it’s 19C. With the mercury rising, literally, overnight if you’re an entertainer it’s probably the right time to get your deck, patio or entertainment area ready for guests. It’s scary to think that Christmas is a mere 4 months away if you’re hosting this year and don’t want that last minute panic, now’s the time to get the place looking grand. Nothing makes your entertainment area or indeed your home exterior look better than a coat of fresh paint.

It’s time to renovate because it just is?

Spring and renovations go hand in hand. The weather is perfect and the world seems to be freshening up, why not join in? This time of year you will be more inclined to let more light in and you’ll probably start to notice those imperfections on your ceilings, walls, and finishings. In addition, if you’re doing some serious renovations like Kitchens, Bedrooms, and bathrooms or even just updating the flooring, trust us when we say a new paint job will be the perfect compliment to your renovations.

Hiring a Professional Painter

There’s any number of benefits to hiring a professional painter to paint your house. The obvious ones are the best reasons – it saves you time and it gets done right without any hassle. Thinking of getting the place looking great in readiness for the warmer weather or because it’s just time. Get an obligation free quote with Baker Bros Master Painters today.