September 03 2018 0Comment

4 Great reasons to paint this Spring

As Queenslanders and Brisbane locals we?re no stranger to the weather and as professional painters, we certainly know a thing or two about which season is the best time to paint. With Spring officially sprung, we thought we?d gloss over why Spring is the best time to get started painting in Brisbane and in general […]

August 06 2018 0Comment

Painting in the Cooler Months

Whether you live in Queensland or the Southern States painting in the cooler months is a longer time-consuming project. Temperature has a huge impact on painting and drying times and often it comes down to the type of paint;?gloss, waterbased or oil, and definitely whether you’re tackling an exterior painting job or an interior one. […]

July 18 2018 0Comment

Professional Painters OR DIY?

Are you looking at doing some DIY painting work but not too sure if you can achieve a good quality finish or actually save money? While some people prefer DIY painting because of cost-savings and the satisfaction of having done the job with their own two hands. DIY painting certainly isn’t for everyone, many people […]

May 22 2018 0Comment

Another Great Restoration – Exterior and Interior Painting Brisbane

Here at Baker Brother Master Painters, we’re proud of our long Brisbane history. In 1890 Enoch Baker first started painting in Brisbane, then 20 years later the two brothers Steve and Hec joined forces with Enoch and opened Baker Bros in Fortitude Valley, Brunswick. Baker Bro’s have been painting in Brisbane for over 100 years […]

May 02 2018 0Comment

Body Corporate Painting – Brisbane – West End

Baker Brothers Master Painters are experienced, professional painters when it comes to painting Unit Blocks, Townhouses or Apartment Buildings.? Our commitment to the Body Corporate will be professional and understanding of all owners/tenants needs and requirements.? He is a photo of a recently painted townhouse complex in West End, Brisbane which shows a professionally painted […]

March 19 2018 0Comment

Queenslander Homes

Baker Brothers Painters have been painting and bringing back to life many beautiful, traditional Queensland homes for decades throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area. Many Queensland families in suburbs like Clayfield, New Farm, Coorparoo, Holland Park, Bulimba, just to name a few have had their beautiful, amazing Queenslander homes brought back to life, all thanks to […]

March 08 2018 0Comment

3 Quick Handy Painting Tips

Preparation is a very important first step prior to painting.? Make sure your surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and if sanding is required, always wear a mask. Make sure when filling minor cracks and holes that you use a quality premium product. If painting during winter or rainy periods, always allow extra time between drying coats […]